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Model 3745Li

6,3W max out • 90-264 VAC input

• For charging VARTA Li-Ion EasyPack batteries
• 3-step adaptive charge control
• Charge adapts to battery pack type, which is automatically identified.
• Universal input voltage (90-264 VAC)
• Automatic battery temperature monitoring and thermal control to prevent charge of cold/warm batteries.
• Wake up and low current start-up of deeply discharged batteries.
• Error indication for reverse polarity, short circuit, charging battery packs
   with wrong number of cells and safety timer run-out
• Medically certified EN 60601-1 3ed



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Charger for VARTA EasyPack Li-Ion batteries  

EasyPack S, EasyPack L, EasyPack XL and EasyPack PLUS

Links to VARTA website-information:

Available versions

S / 1,9W
L / 3,6W
XL / 6,3W
PLUS / 6,3W


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