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Our desktop and plug-in units for rechargeable lithium batteries offer numerous configurations for charging up to 16 cells using proven three-stage charging. Special options include DC input, IP67 sealing and medically approved versions. Call us to discuss custom specifications.

Models are pre-sorted by max. charge current

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Model 3745LI

6,3W Max out90-264 VAC Input

Charger for VARTA EasyPack Li-Ion batteries  

EasyPack S, EasyPack L, EasyPack XL and EasyPack PLUS

Links to VARTA website-information:


Model 3743LI

16 W Max out90-264 VAC Input

Plug-in, Exch AC plug, 3-step w curr. detection


Model 3546LI

2,2 A Max out90-264 VAC Input

Plug-in, 3-step w curr. detection

AC and DC plugs ordered separately

With NTC input and other plugs and cords on request

Animation: charge error indications




Model 9941LI

2,3 A Max out90-264 VAC Input

Plug-in, exch. AC plug, 3-step w. timer


Model 9641LI

2,7 A Max out230 VAC Input

Plug-in, 3 step w. timer


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