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Model EI4816

10W max out

  • Independent secondary windings suitable for series/parallel connection to give a wide range of output voltage and current options       
  • High efficiency and low temperature rise
  • Double section bobbin
  • Low interwinding capacity
  • Low radiated noice
  • 100% electrical and flash tested accoriding to EN61558-1 , EN61558-2-6
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Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Primary : 230 VAC

Secondary: 2x6; 2x9; 2x12; 2x15; 2x18

"Isolation: 4 kV RMS"

"Temp. class: B (130°)"

"According to: EN61558-1, EN61558-2-6"

Available versions

7.5VA / 2*6V
7.5VA / 2*12V
7.5VA / 2*15V
10VA / 2*9V
10VA / 2*12V

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