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Available versions

6-8 cells / 8,0A
8-12 cells / 5,4A
12-20 cells / 3,2A
20-30 cells / 2,18A
25-40 cells / 1,8A

Model 4040 NiMH

8A max out • 90-264 VAC input

  • Universal input voltage 
  • Optimized battery performance and lifetime by:

- Robust -dV sensitivity detection
- Low cell temperature at end of fast charge
- Top-off charge makes sure all cells are fully charged and balanced
- Safety indication and protection: against reverse polarity, short circuit, charging battery packs with the wrong number of cells

  • Approvals:

- Medically certified

Safety: EN 60601-1 ed. 3.1 and ed. 3.2

      Home healthcare EN 60601-1-11

EMC: EN 60601-1-2 ed. 4.1

- UL approved

  • Custom specifications on request:

Charging parameters, connectors, cords, logo print, housing/open frame/IP rating and certificates. For more information: custom design info sheet

  • Configurable battery charger (CBC)

The CBC module offers a range of custom charge parameter settings, including: dV, dT/dt, 0 dV, Timer, Safety timer, dV threshold, temperature gradient adjustment. 

The CBC is also configurable in field. For more information, see CBC data sheet


Desktop unit

Wall mount bracket available 

Std. DC output cord:

Open ends, L 0.75m, AWG 14, Black PVC, UL 1185