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Available versions

12V / 2A
24V / 1A

Model 3546 LA

2 A max out • 90-264 VAC input

  • 3-step charge control with current detection
  • Universal input voltage
  • Wake up and low current start-up of deeply discharged batteries
  • Safety indication and protection: against reverse polarity, short circuit, charging battery packs with the wrong number of cells and safety timer run-out
  • Approvals:

- Household safety, EN 60335-1 & -2-29 (6V, 12V, 18V and 24V)

- Medically certified
       Safety:  EN 60601-1 ed. 3.1
                   Home healthcare EN 60601-1-11
       EMC:    EN 60601-1-2 ed. 4
- UL approved

  • Custom specifications on request:

Charging parameters, connectors, cords, logo print, housing/open frame/IP rating and certificates. For more information: custom design info sheet


Plug-in/Desktop unit

Exchangeable AC and DC plugs

Exch. DC cable connectors available

Order plugs & mains cord separately