New Battery Charger 3546LI, Max. 28W

This next-generation high-quality, high-performance lithium-ion battery charger uses a 3-stage charging profile with a microprocessor to maximise battery performance. The new charger is also capable of waking up deeply discharged batteries and soft-start charging with low current until voltage is normalized.

The 3546LI is medically certified according to EN 60601-1 3ed and UL-approved. 5 standard versions (2-3-4-7-10 cells) are available now, with 6 more versions to come.
In addition, the 3546LI features:

• 3-step charge control with current detection
• Universal input voltage (90-264 VAC)
• Wake up and low current start-up of deeply discharged batteries
• Error indication for reverse polarity, short circuit, charging battery packs with wrong number of cells and safety timer run-out

See tech spec for more information 

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